EBooks: Interesting app for iPad

The release of the iPad has brought to the forefront of reading applications for eBooks for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones …). For readers who do not want to invest in a dedicated device, this software may be of interest. We reviewed the main applications of the genre

The holidays are over for some but they start for others. Reading is obviously a seasonal activity, but rather than carrying a stack of paperbacks, some users prefer electronic books, dematerialized and leaving obviously more space in the suitcases. We have already made comparisons of eBooks readers, but if these dedicated devices have some advantages (including their electronic ink-like screen), mobile devices such as smartphones, some players or obviously the Apple iPad also serves as e-book readers, via third-party applications.

The release of the iPad is not foreign to a renewed interest in this type of application. These are obviously not new, and several readers of eBooks already existed for platforms such as Symbian or Windows Mobile: this is the case of Mob Pocket Reader or Microsoft Reader, which do not demerit on the concerned OS. Nevertheless, since the release of Amazon’s Kindle and iPad, we have seen a new wave of applications that we are looking into this test.

Along with the tablet, Apple has unveiled its own application, iBook’s, associated with a new online store, the iBook Store, to buy or download free books on iPad, and now on iPhone and iPod Touch since iOS 4.0. Publishers already in the category have been quick to respond, including Amazon whose Kindle application has been ported to iPad (in addition to versions iPhone, Android and Blackberry already available) and has recently benefited from several updates significant. Between these two competitors, we find other applications that are better known. This is the case of Stanza for iOS and Aldiko for Android. Let us see what this free app (but sometimes associated with a partially paid catalog) has to offer for their respective platforms.

EBooks: Interesting app for iPad 1


DRM update

Who says e-book says, unfortunately, DRM in most cases. In addition, if you are nostalgic about the time when buying music online was a real ordeal because of the multiple incompatible DRMs between them, get ready to go back, nostalgically reminding you of your first unreadable albums. The situation of DRM in electronic publishing is simply a bag of nodes, already found on dedicated devices.

As we have already noted, it has several ebook formats, including the ePub format. Of course, for paid works, these formats use incompatible DRMs. But as that was not enough, Amazon entered the market with its own format for its Kindle reader, which is also found on mobile devices because a version of Kindle is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. Remained Apple, and if a vague hope remained because of the adoption of the format ePub for the application iBook’s, it was quickly swept: as for the music spent time and for the video, Apple uses its own DRM for the iBook Store! We can read books in ePub reader for iPad and even PDF since the 1.1 updates, but only without DRM!

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